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A lot of courses of study have some weaknesses. In our opinion, one of them is the theoretical burden, which means that in Germany, students hardly gain practical experience in everyday university life. That's why we, a group of students from LMU Munich, have joined forces and are actively looking for practical tasks ourselves. So anyone who feels like getting involved with fundamental and human rights is cordially invited to join in - this applies to students from all faculties!


The project

Lawyers without borders (LWOB) is an NGO based in the UK, Kenya, Tanzania and the US. The reason for the foundation was the idea to find a way to motivate lawyers worldwide for human rights work and to create a global pro bono network that guarantees the principle of access to law.
We are the student division of this NGO at LMU Munich and we work with other NGOs and organizations. 

For this we can still use a lot of help!


And what exactly does the Student Division do?

First and foremost, student divisions do public relations work. They organize community empowering outreach projects that shed light on important global issues such as the rule of law and human rights. They deal with problems of the judicial systems and grievances in individual developing countries and try to create awareness for lesser known topics.
This is done in particular through events such as panel discussions, debates (formally with guests or as a discussion among students), lectures, seminars or through campaigns at the university and social media. Creating a blog or newsletter is also effective, as are career events.
In addition to all this public relations work, Student Divisions with capacity have the opportunity to support the parent organization or other NGOs in research. The Student Division then works on a larger project and uses its resources to make a concrete contribution in the fight against human rights violations. For this purpose, students take over parts of the work and gain their first practical experience.

Previous research:
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